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Do you want to give a fresh new look to your car? If your car has been used for months already, take note that regular car washing is not enough to keep them completely maintained. If you want to improve the condition of your car, make sure to visit Pinnacle Pro Detailing Inc here in Vero Beach, FL today. We provide all-around detailing service for your car.

Here are the services that we provide:

Full Detailing Service

Is your car in need of deep cleaning? If it does, you should avail of our full detailing service. In this service, expect to get quality detailing in two ways.

Interior Detailing

This type of detailing focuses only on the interior portion of your car. This keeps the passengers’ and driver’s seat, the carpets, and the dash mats clean. Not only are they vacuumed, but they are also deodorized as well to ensure a good-smelling environment.

Exterior Detailing

We also detail the exterior portion of your car. This detailing service involves washing your car with a highly-effective soap, brushing the inner corners of the car, and repainting your car. Paintwork is needed in order to remove scratches and tough stains on its exterior.

Car Wash Service

We also do quality car washing as well. This service can be availed if you don’t have time to wash your car yourself. We make sure that your car is perfectly clean and free of dust, dirt, and stains, both on the interior and exterior part of your car.

Mobile Auto Detailing Service

If you want to have your car detailed on the exterior only, you can visit our shop for the service. We’ve got high-quality tools and equipment for the service. We also use a quality line of cleaning materials to make sure that dirt and debris are fully removed.

Whenever you need our services today, don’t hesitate to visit Pinnacle Pro Detailing Inc here in Vero Beach, FL. You may also call us at (772) 205-6347 for inquiries and appointments. We are also serving clients living in .