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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Exemplary Car Detailing Services

Vehicle detailing is vital for the value and appeal of your car. It’s essential for vehicle safety and efficiency as well. Any questions you have about our services will be professionally answered with just one call. So don’t hesitate to directly talk with us. Also, we provided answers to the questions that we frequently get from clients below!

How often should I book for professional auto detailing services?

The frequency of having your vehicle detailed depends on several factors. Your driving conditions and the kind of car that you drive are the main factors to put into account. For regular vehicles and average drivers, car pro detailing services should be done at least once every four to six months. Yes, you need to meet with your trusted auto detailer at least twice a year. It may sound like a hassle, but this is actually a cost-effective move that will ensure optimum longevity and maximum efficiency of your vehicle.

How long does auto detailing take?

Again, the kind of vehicle that you’re driving and numerous other factors should be put into account to identify the length of time to detail your vehicle. It usually takes us around two to four hours to detail a vehicle. With our top-grade equipment and advanced mobile detailing methods, we can get the job done more efficiently compared to other detailers. We can guarantee to provide you with excellent results, too.

Can’t I wash my vehicle myself?

Sure, you can. But be very careful to use the proper tools and the right products for the job. Never opt for basic household cleaning supplies as it can damage your precious vehicle. Doing so might save you money now but will cost you hundreds of dollars for repairs later. For a hassle-free and high-quality mobile car wash, just hire Pinnacle Pro Detailing Inc. We offer affordable rates so there’s no reason to hassle yourself on doing the job.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a custom car detailing service depends on numerous factors. For us to accurately and fairly price your service, contact us details. Provide us with some important details like the kind of car that you are driving so we can give you a reliable estimate of the cost. Talking about the cost, though, there’s no need to fret as Pinnacle Pro Detailing Inc is one of the most affordable providers of top-quality auto detailing services in the area.

Can you guarantee your services?

Yes, the car detailing services that we provide to the car owners in Vero Beach, FL come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will have you checked your vehicle from top to bottom. If there’s something you’re unhappy about or there is something you want to be done differently, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. We’ll gladly correct any mistakes and ensure that satisfaction guaranteed services will be provided to you.

Do I have to tip?

Tips are highly appreciated but never required. Service packages already include labor fees and material costs.

When you need an auto detailer in Vero Beach, FL, don’t hesitate to choose us. For inquiries of our offers, feel free to call (772) 205-6347 today!

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